Posted on Monday, 29 April, 2024 by Kay

My pets were loved and cared for by a true animal lover and I can highly recommend this pet courier. It was a long trip but they were all happy and loved by the other end of it. I had a large dog (husky), two chickens and an old cat that needed a good person to take them and move them many hours away to our new home. I would only pick Kay again if I needed the same sort of service. I also wasn’t overcharged like some other couriers can do (without the added love for the animals along the way!). Kay has been doing this for years and is experienced on the roads and driving long distances plus is very experienced with how to care for a variety of animals too. It’s hard to find good quality services these days but I found one here at Coastal Critter Carriers. It was a much better choice also than having to transport them myself in my car because a husky can get distracting over long distances! It enabled me to stay in any motel of choice for my own trip up while I entrusted my pets to Kay. Best choice for a relaxing long distance trip! A personal service that I was more than happy with. Five stars!